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Image of Magnolias by Annie Spratt

My Specialties

I have done extensive training in treating trauma. I can help you understand why you do what you do and feel the way you feel. Traumatic experiences, whether it was a single event, or something experienced over years, affects both our minds and our bodies. In an effort to survive and cope, people develop behaviors that are helpful at the time, but later in life can become problematic. Trauma can impair our relationships, our jobs, and our ability to care for ourselves. Through an intentional and informed approach, I can help you unlearn maladaptive coping strategies and replace them with healthy ones. I can help you feel safe, less triggered and more grounded. 


I have also done extensive training in personality disorders such as borderline personality disorder, mood disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder and hoarding. I founded the Addison County Hoarding Task Force which aimed to help people get access to treatment and support for their hoarding behavior. I have trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy which was designed to treat borderline personality disorder, but has also proven effective with mood disorders, anxiety and depression. 


Due to my years of experience as a teacher, I also have expertise in supporting adolescents. My time in the classroom allowed me to develop skills to connect with, understand, and respect adolescents. While Assistant Principal at Mt. Abraham, I employed my knowledge of how adolescents learn to help the teachers develop a new approach to teaching that was student led and integrated while remaining standards based.  I enjoy working directly with adolescents teaching them skills needed to learn self advocacy, problem solving, self-esteem and goal setting. I also am skilled at helping parents support their children.  I can help parents learn practical, applicable parenting and discipline skills rooted in behavior change theory that can improve communication and relationships at home while reducing conflict and stress. I am also a parent of young adults (and now a toddler granddaughter) and have lived the experience.

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